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Marty Folsom(non-registered)
Always said you were talented when I use to watch you paint in our dorm room, just didn't know how talented. Really nice Steve. Gotta get me a "Fairchild"...

awesome.......love the work very inspiring, it makes one want to learn more about this craft.
Lynn Cummings(non-registered)
Your work is just extraordinary Steve. If I ever decide to have nude photos done I'm calling you!
Forest Weston(non-registered)
Let's see, women, nature, women in nature... yup, you've captured my favorite subjects! Interesting that I was looking at the mountain-winter landscape just recently, the one that you did back in college after one of our winter expeditions, trying to decide where in the new house to hang it. Beautiful work, Steve.
Zenla Johnson(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing your beautiful images.

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